We are providing all types of Industrial steels like Chrome Moly Steels, Bearing Steels, Case Carburising Steels, Forging Die Block, Cold Work Steels, Hot Work Steels, Plastic Mould Steels Etc.
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Forging die Blocks
These grades of steel are used mainly for die blocks for hot working of steels, both open die and closed die forging. The most popular grade used in this category is DIN 1.2714. The main requirement of these steels is high strength, good toughness and spalling resistance. They also need to develop uniform hardness across the section on hardening.
Grade % C Mn Si Ni Cr Mo V S P
DIN 1.2714 Min 0.50 0.65 0.10 1.50 1.00 0.45 0.07 Max Max
  Max 0.60 0.95 0.40 1.80 1.20 0.55 0.12 0.015 0.020
Application :
Die Blocks, Die Inserts, Punching Tools, Hot Shears Etc.
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